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7th Annual Report Card on Homelessness

The Nelson Committee on Homelessness released its 7TH Annual Report Card on Homelessness for Nelson on June 23, 2015.

The Report is a collaborative project to help inform the community about the different faces, indicators, stories and statistics of homelessness in our community over the past year… and what you can do to help!

This year’s report has two focuses:

Women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness – This includes women who have fled abuse or violence at home, women who are caught in a cycle of “hidden homelessness” in unstable or unsafe housing situations and single mothers who face daily pressures and challenges in the struggle to find decent, stable housing and put food on the table for the kids. It also includes women who are homeless face poverty, mental or physical health problems, substance use, discrimination and exclusion.


The struggle to find affordable housing in Nelson – It can be hard to find an affordable, decent place to live in Nelson if you don’t have much money… or even if you have a moderate income. Nelson’s overall vacancy rate last October was the worst in the province, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing. Young families looking for a first home and retirees on fixed incomes, needing to downsize, experience this. So do those living on a minimum wage. For people on disability benefits or income assistance, or with other barriers, the challenge is even greater. Rental rates have climbed faster than many people’s income. Senior governments no longer deliver programs to build and maintain affordable rental housing – private or public. And now what subsidized housing stock exists in our community — and across Canada —is at risk.

 For a PDF copy of the full report click here.

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