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Communicating Rights of Persons Served

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PURPOSE: To ensure the rights of persons served are respected and communicated.

POLICY: Information related to the rights of the persons served will be regularly and appropriately communicated to all clients (and family members and legal representatives if appropriate), staff and volunteers. This information is included in the Client Bill of Rights as well as several other related policies guiding the delivery of services under the Policy Section “Rights of Person Served”.

Nelson CARES Society
Client Bill of Rights

Clients of Nelson CARES Society have the right:

  1. to be treated with dignity and respect
  2. to make personal choices
  3. to receive quality care
  4. to understand and access information that is about me
  5. to privacy
  6. to have my personal information handles with confidentiality
  7. to safety and security
  8. to be treated equally free from discrimination
  9. to speak up and be heard


  1. Client Bill of Rights will be posted at each program site.
  2. The Rights of Person Served Policies and the Client Bill of Rights will be made available to all clients (and family members or representatives if appropriate) of the Nelson CARES Society, and will be reviewed with clients as required.
  3. All employees and volunteers will be required to make a conscientious commitment to the Client Bill of Rights and ethical codes of conduct by signing the Employee and Volunteer Code of Conduct Form (Appendix A – Forms) upon the commencement of employment and will be oriented to all Rights of Persons Served Policies.
  4. Each program area is given the right to further define and communicate the above stated Client Bill of Rights in a manner appropriate to the clients and services provided.

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