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Frequently Asked Questions

What services are available from Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services?

The Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services offers Job Development, Job Site Training and Job Support Services primarily to job seekers referred through Community Living British Columbia.  Some of services we offer include help with goal setting, resume building, job coaching,and work placements.

Who is eligible for Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services and how much does the service cost?

The Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services is are referral-based program. The service is free of charge, however work related expenses, such as transportation to and from work, are the responsibility of the job seeker.

How long do I have to wait for Services?

There may be a wait-time for referral to the program. Once a referral is made, there may be a 30 day wait period before intake begins. There can be a wait time in finding appropriate placements and support depending on the unique needs of each person.

How long can I receive services?

Service delivery is determined person by person and may be ongoing or time-limited. It is important to discuss these options with your Facilitator and Manager of the Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services.

How does Custom Fit Inclusion & Employments Services assist me to reach my goals?

The Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services  team uses various tools in the discovery process to determine skills, interests, abilities and work preferences to set goals and develop an employment plan.Job Seekers are assisted to explore work, volunteer and educational options that will become part of their personal support plan. Job Seekers may participate in a variety of employment related experiences, such as work experience, training programs, and job-tasting. Information is documented and shared at employment planning meetings. The Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Service Program staff regularly check in with employers once a work placement has been made and follow up regarding any future support needs.

How do the persons or families served participate in making decisions about services?

The services provided by the Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services are person centered, thus the job seeker, their needs and preferences are always at the center of any services we offer. Families and support teams are invited during intake and regular review meetings. Communication with the families, support team and person served is ongoing and encouraged.

Where do participants of Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services work?

The Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services  team partners up with community employers, and necessary agencies to develop individualized and community based jobs for each person served. Employment and training opportunities may also be available through the social enterprises owned by Nelson CARES Society.

 What is Customized Employment?

Customized Employment is a popular approach to employment services for anyone with barriers to employment. It has a higher success rate of sustainable, meaningful employment when compared to competitive job opportunities is the work force. It may be an appropriate approach for finding employment for  a person served by the Custom Fit Inclusion & Employment Services.

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