This position will ensure safety and overnight security at a secondary site.
Duties and Responsibilities:

Overnight awake shift duties include:
– Ensures no guests or non-residents enter the building.
– Monitor surveillance cameras for incidents.
– Monitor all entrances and secure all exits, doors and windows.
– Inspect and patrol premises regularly including hotel hallways.
– Address potential conflicts between residents and de-escalate whenever possible. Call 911 if required.
– Maintain and document events that occurred while on shift in communication log.
– Read communication log at the beginning of every shift.
– Report any suspicious behaviours, safety concerns or incidents to Program Manager.
– Prevent losses and property damage by informing violators of policy and procedures and reporting irregularities to Program Manager.
– Complete incident reports and submit to Program Manager.
– Respond to alarms and react in a timely manner.
– Provide assistance to people in need.

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