Project Description

Coordinated Access Hub

Hours: 7 days a week, 1-5pm
Location: 521 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC
Contact: 778-463-5475 ;

A project of the Nelson Committee on Homelessness, is a frontline service centre and drop-in program. The aim of this pilot project is to:

  1. Jointly deliver interagency frontline services
  2. Connect vulnerable people to outreach and basic needs
  3. Provide one-door-access to programs and services
  4. Increase sector capacity through collaboration and interagency learning

The Hub is a safe space to relax on the couch, have a snack and a hot or cold drink make a phone call, use the computer, meet a friend, do some art, find new clothes,or access services. Some of the services provided out of the Hub are:

  • Harm reduction supplies and episodic Overdose Prevention Site (e-OPS)
  • Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT) / Safer Supply consultations and intakes
  • Health services (including ear acupuncture and street nursing)
  • KCDS PEERS Employment Program
  • Coordinated Access to Housing