Nelson CARES Society Emergency Housing Services program is asking the community to clean out their closets, garages, and storage lockers and share their extra men’s clothing, warm blankets, towels, winter jackets, toques, gloves, socks  and camping gear.

Stepping Stones Emergency Shelter will need to supply their clients and other community members with these items for the upcoming cold and wet winter months.

“We  are so grateful to live in a place where our program is supported, these contributions will not only support our clients in need but also the Front Line staff.  We are so fortunate to be able to provide people with their basic needs and distribute the amazing, donated items that will go a long way to keep them safe, dry, and healthy this winter.” states Sandra Bernier, Program Manager,. Emergency Housing Services.

Nelson CARES and the Emergency Shelter staff would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation in advance for this support. The kind-heartedness and effort mean a great deal and they couldn’t support their clients in this way without this generosity.

Stepping Stones will continue to accept donations of winter jackets, men’s small/medium pants, blankets/sleeping bags, gloves, mitts, socks and camping gear/tents sleeping mats for the duration of the winter months.

If you have something you would like to donate, please call 250 352 9876 before dropping it off to ensure we have capacity to accept items.  We accept quality items in good condition, please do not donate damaged or stained items as this creates more work for the Front Line staff.  Treating people with dignity and respect is at the forefront of our service and we want to ensure that our clients are receiving quality items.

Cash donations can also be made to the program at

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming holiday season!

Sandra Bernier, Program Manager, Emergency Housing Services.