It’s Nelson’s first new affordable housing complex in seven years.  Nelson Cares opened the doors to Hall St. Place on Tuesday of this week.  Jenny Robinson stopped by Kootenay Morning on June 2nd to fill KCR’s listeners on what the new building—more than two years in the making—means for the community.  Affordable housing has long been among the most pressing social issues in British Columbia.  Nelson has experienced a 0% vacancy rate for seven years, that’s something Robinson told KCR you just don’t recover from.  The building features nine units for people on low income, with rents ranging from $375 to $660 per month, 20 units where rents of $650 to $950 are based on income, and 12 market rental units of $975 to $1,625 per month.  There are also two three-bedroom units for people with disabilities.  Those units, which cost $375 to $445 per month, feature 24-7 staffing.

You can listen to the entire interview here.