Project Description


What is Coordinated Access?

Coordinated Access is a process for individuals and families experiencing homelessness to receive support through a team of agencies using shared procedures for intake, assessment, prioritization, and referral to housing.

Coordinated Access brings consistency to the service path for accessing housing and related services in Nelson and area. Our system includes a Housing First approach, and service coordination across different types of service providers.

Who is Coordinated Access for? 

People who need support to find and/or maintain housing, have been in town for at least two weeks or have roots in the West Kootenays, and who are experiencing homelessness, defined as:

  1. Unsheltered
      • Living outside (sidewalks, parks, forests, etc.)
      • Living in places not intended for permanent human habitation (cars, garages, out buildings, shacks, tents, etc.)
  1. Emergency Sheltered
      • Emergency overnight shelters for people who are homeless
      • Shelters for individuals/families affected by family violence
      • Shelters for people affected by a natural disaster (fire, flood, etc.)
  1. Provisionally Accommodated
      • Interim housing for people who are homeless
      • Temporary living with other people (couch surfing, staying with family, etc.)
      • Short-term rental accommodation without security of tenancy (ie. not under the Residential Tenancy Act, or have an eviction notice)
      • People in institutional care with no guarantee of permanent housing upon release (hospital, corrections facilities, treatment facilities, etc.)
      • Reception centers for recently arrived immigrants and refugees

How do you connect?

Reach out to any of the following Access Points:

  • NCARES The Hub Drop-In: 778-463-5477, 521 Vernon Street
  • NCS Street Outreach – in person or call: 250-777-3993
  • ANKORS Outreach & Support: 250-505-5506, 101 Baker Street
  • NCARES Stepping Stones Emergency Shelter – in person for individuals staying at the shelter
  • NCS Women’s Outreach: 250-352-3504
  • NCS Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) 250-352-3504