Overview of Nelson Committee On Homelessness (NCOH)

Nelson Committee on Homelessness is a volunteer committee of service agencies,
government representation, and concerned citizens dedicated to leading a
collaborative and coordinated response to homelessness.
Founded in 2001, we work with members of the community, businesses, governments,
and other stakeholders to identify and implement evidenced-based solutions to
homelessness and poverty & support entitlement to safe, affordable, and sustainable
housing as a human right. Acting as Nelson’s Community Advisory Board for Reaching
Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy, we make recommendations to our Community
Entity (Nelson CARES Society) on the distribution of federal funding aimed at achieving
the goals of Reaching Home.
We encourage collaboration, new initiatives, research, information-sharing, knowledge building,
community partnerships, and engaging the voice of people with lived
experiences of homelessness in all decision-making.
NCOH acknowledges our respect for, and deep gratitude to, all the ancestors and
keepers of the land on whose traditional territories we are honoured to live and work.

Homelessness in Nelson

Homelessness is happening right here, right now in Nelson. People living without
shelter may be more visible in our community, yet this is only the tip of the iceberg.
There are also many people living in temporary, precarious, substandard, or dangerous
housing situations – children through to seniors – hidden from sight or at-risk of
homelessness. Many young girls and single moms end up living with predators. While
some groups are more likely to experience homelessness due to systemic barriers &
inequities, such as racism and discrimination (for example, Indigenous peoples, people
with disabilities or mental health issues, and people fleeing violence), homelessness
affects people from all walks of life.
No one is immune to becoming homeless; it can happen to anyone.

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A big THANK YOU to the Report Card Committee and NCOH Advisory Committee members; to all the presenters at the press release; and to everyone who provided data, information, and support for this year’s Report Card.  The Report Card would not have been possible without your thoughtful feedback, support, and enthusiasm for working collaboratively.